KHBiSix News – Jan 31, 2022

The curator

Jan 31, 2022
Press release of the Finding Commitee

Munich, January 31, 2022 – This morning, the KloHäuschen Biennale’s Finding Committee made the following decision.Ralf Homann has been appointed Curator of this year’s Biennale, with the task of planning and curating the upcoming sixth exhibition. He is an artist and curator who has organized numerous contemporary art exhibitions. He is currently active in Kunstraum München, for which he organized the transnational exhibition “Responsive Curating” despite the pandemic restrictions on the visual arts in Bavaria. Currently, the exhibition “Pop, Punk, Politics,” which he curated, is on view at the Monacensia Literary Archive in Munich (extended until the end of March due to its great success).
On the occasion of his appointment, Ralf Homann said, “It is a great honor to be able to take on this role in one of Europe’s most prestigious and recognized institutions at the Munich Central Market. As the first artist-curator to hold this position, I understand and appreciate the responsibility and also the opportunity offered to me, and I intend to give voice to artists to create unique projects that reflect their visions and our society.”

Press office of the sixth KloHäuschen Biennial


Preview Party June 10, 2022 . 7 pm

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